Return of Alice

return of alice

by Juan Santellan

Ready to go back through the looking-glass?

It has confirmed that there will be a sequel to the dark tale of Alice, titled “Return of Alice.” Although there have not been any details released yet, there is already much confusion in the air.

Below is an unofficial trailer that was mistaken as the official trailer for the game. This cause the gaming community to be divided saying that there really was no sequel and that this was nothing more than a fan made video. While it is a fan made video, that does not mean there is no plans for a sequel.

In fact, there is a sequel and as stated on American McGee’s Blog, he stated the following:

“Yesterday, a few sites picked up a video of Alice made by one of our fans and confused it as an official trailer of Alice 2. I wanted to clear up any confusion – as I mentioned in my post it was unofficial, and does not represent any of the final art direction or story elements in Alice 2. We look forward to sharing information on the game in the future.

You can view the video and click the link below for more information.

American McGee’s Blog

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