New Pokemon Game+ Nobunaga’s Ambition= WHAT?!!

By Juan Santellan


I guess when you have made Pokemon Black, Diamond, Yellow, Red, Green, and whatever other color they made, what is one to do?

It only makes sense to cross it with characters that you would never expect to be together. Right?

This game has no official US release date but it will be released on the regular DS in Japan in the new year.

Well I am curious to see how well this sells in Japan, but since it’s Japan and this is Pokemon, I doubt it will fail.


So What’s Up?

our new URL is now www.lastgameover.comBy Juan Santellan

So I know this site has been silent for awhile but we have been planning a new layout, podcast structure, and just getting new ideas together.

Thank you everyone who has been helpingĀ  with this re-launch(*you know who you all are) and be on the lookout for new changes.

What’s Been Going On?

our new URL is now www.lastgameover.comBy Juan Santellan

Well, you may have noticed that we have been inactive lately here at LGO and I just wanted to give you an update of what has been going on. As you know I needed a break and took some much needed rest. JDizzler is still currently enjoying some rest time of his own, and Tony G is back in the States back home.

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